Arise DTS

ARISE Generations DTS

Arise! The whole earth is rumbling with the sound of the return of Jesus. Hearts are longing and nations are waiting to hear the gospel and experience real transformation. We long to see people of all backgrounds, culture, experience, education and generations grow together and challenge each other to take their place in the Kingdom of God. In the context of covenant community we desire to prepare, raise up and release lovers of God with burning hearts who love the sound of His presence in worship and intercession and who will carry that sound to a poor, hurting, needy and broken world.

Both religious and secular history testifies to the effectual power of a simple “yes” in a fully submitted heart. Can you imagine your life marked for destiny that changes neighborhoods, cities and even nations? What if God is waiting on you to say “yes”?

We long to run with those who will dare themselves to be taken to the deepest places and who will not put limits on God's plan for their lives.

It is in our individual and collective encounters with the Living God that we are radically transformed and carry the seeds of revival to others. We believe that God is preparing The Church, His Bride, for the greatest outpouring of His Spirit and the most fruitful harvest we have ever seen! Its time to ARISE!

We are actively seeking young adults, families and any heart that has a yearning for the deep things of God and desires to see His kingdom come. Have you just finished High School or College and looking to go deeper in relationship with God? Are you a family wanting more than what the world is offering you? Have you accomplished and experienced much in life and yet you are determined to stay available and willing to answer His call wherever and however it leads? If you answer is ‘yes” then we welcome those who will live radically and fearlessly for the sake of Jesus!


Sept. 28th, 2015 to Mar. 2016

Lecture Phase: about $3300
Outreach: about $3000
Married Couples & Families: please contact us at:
P: 503-379-1332
or send us a message.